Our animations and activities at the campsite

Our Activities and animations on the spot

For young and old you will be able to enjoy the table tennis tables, the trampoline, the multi sport field and the petanque and the castles, the rope pyramid and the zip line. (Under parental supervision).

Petanque tournaments, sports tournaments (ping-pong, football), themed meals (fried mussels or paella), some shows organized in high season (clown, musician, karaoke …).

These animations respect the calm of the camping close to the Puy du Fou and its family character, ending at the latest at 11:30 pm for the respect of everyone’s rest.

Schedule of events
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Our hikes near the Puy du Fou

Starting from the campsite, take advantage of the numerous hiking and mountain bike trails where you can discover a rural landscape along the Sèvre Nantaise river, restored mills and the Barbin viaduct.

Detailed information sheets on these paths are available at the reception desk and on the Town Hall website: here

Every year, on the second Saturday of September, come take the Sèvre hike. Different routes are proposed to you, up to 45 kms and which cross no less than 12 communes. A friendly day, festive and sportive guaranteed !

Randonnées de la Sèvre
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Activities and pilgrimages in Saint-Laurent sur Sèvre

Discover the town of Saint Laurent, its heritage and its rich past in the footsteps of Montfort. The discovery trail of Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre “sur les pas de Montfort” offers you a signposted route between historic sites and remarkable heritage. During this route, you can also join the hiking trails.

As soon as you arrive in Saint Laurent, you can’t miss the bell towers which are part of its heritage and landscape: you will see no less than 5 churches, chapel, basilica and oratories.

Whether you are looking for a spiritual stay or not, you will be in admiration to contemplate the basilica and its imposing architecture, the Daughters of Wisdom or the building of the Brothers of Saint Gabriel and the Montfort Missionary Fathers.

Numerous events and gatherings take place every year as in 1996, when Pope John Paul II came here on pilgrimage to honour the Apostle of Mary. A day of strolls through Saint Laurent will be necessary to discover these different buildings and gardens.

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canoe en vendée

Canoeing activity in Vendée

Canoe Base of St Malo du Bois

Vallée de Poupet 85590 SAINT MALO DU BOIS
Tél. :
Email : kayak@valleedepoupet.com

Base de Canoe Kayak Gazeau – Evrunes 85290 Mortagne-sur-Sèvre
Tél. : 02 51 65 01 87 (hors saison)
Tél. : 02 51 65 24 49 (juillet-août)
E.mail : cckm85@wanadoo.fr.st

Base canoe à Mortagne sur Sèvre : Site internet

Explore the Bocage Vendéen by bike

You will have all the leisure to ride along the cycle paths of the Vendée: around the Puy du Fou, along the Sèvre river, around the Herbiers, …

Cycle tracks in the Haut Bocage vendéen : Website

Did you know that? The bocage vendéen offers you 258 km of cycle paths ! From the top of its hills, you will cross the famous mills of the Vendée, its valleys, its woods, its lakes and ponds, its pastures and its rivers which constitute a panorama of exception and a real haven of peace !

From forests to villages, certain stages will remind you of the rich and eventful past of the northern Vendée: the Moulin des Alouettes, the Logis de la Chabotterie, the refuge of Grasla, the Historial de la Vendée, the Manoir des Sciences de Réaumur or the château de Tiffauges are still standing to tell you all about it.

For the mountain bike lovers, you will also find many more or less technical circuits: walkers, the youngest ones, families will be able to take off on the two small circuits (17 to 30 kms) which remain simple in the Sèvre valley. As for the enthusiasts of the discipline, they will find four circuits of 38 to 60 kms, more copious and more physical in the hills to satisfy their desire to compete with their favorite two-wheeler.

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pêche en vendée

Fishing in Vendee

At 200 m from the campsite la Barbinière is waiting for you for an unforgettable fishing day (fishing cards for sale at the Saint Laurent tobacconist’s shop). This place close to the campsite is well shaded and calm; it includes 2 ponds : the karuns pond and the pond of the Pinsonniére and the pond of the Pinsonniére and the pond of the Pinsonniére.

For the parklinnow pond, fishing with lures is prohibited but fishing for carnivores using a float is authorised.

On the other hand, the finch pond prohibits all methods of fishing for carnivorous fish, under penalty of a fine. Navigation is also prohibited (canoe; float tube; inflatable boat etc).

If you prefer the river fishing, you can also fish, in 2ᵉ category, on the banks of the Sèvre Nantaise, from the Moulin de Poupet (commune of Saint-MaIo-du-Bois), upstream, through Saint Laurent and as far as Rochard (commune of La Verrie), downstream. Here you can fish for bleak, eels, breams, pikes, carp, chub, roach, gudgeons, perch, pike-perch, pike-perch, pike-perch and catfish.

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